The irresistible need to connect in a time of social distancing

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Introvert or extrovert, we’re all hard-wired to want to connect with other people. The urge is irresistible. In these trying times, connecting online is doing much to satisfy that urge. For example, Nintendo’s recently released Animal Crossing game has been used by millions of gamers across the globe to forge connections with one another and find some calm and solace during the Covid-19 pandemic.

But there are limits to what online connection can achieve and there is only so much it can do to satiate that primal, irrepressible need to connect in a way that engages our senses. That’s why quarantined individuals across Europe have taken to their balconies and cast open their windows to sing together across the empty streets. Enjoying a shared experience in real time, drawing on all their senses.

People will always find unique ways to stay connected. It’s our very nature.

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