CLS at Sibos 2018

Enhanced networking opportunities

The importance of Sibos in the CLS global marketing programme was reflected by the brand once again taking a 2 unit presence at Sibos 2018 in Sydney, Australia.

To maximise their return on investment, additional attention has been placed on the meeting spaces within the booth footprint, by incorporating a new networking bar and additional informal lounge spaces to increase the number of pre-arranged and ad-hoc meetings. This is in addition to the highly successful formal meeting space that was first introduced in last year’s stand design.

An evolution of the brand's identity is evident in the 2018 design that builds upon the rich, warm tones of the natural wood floor and corporate blue, complimented with copper accents, first seen in Toronto, Canada in 2017.

CLS at Sibos 2018CLS at Sibos 2018
CLS at Sibos 2018CLS at Sibos 2018