Dynamic spatial storytelling for a groundbreaking product launch

Following successful project deliveries across Europe, Amgen appointed Rapiergroup to design and manage the UK launch exhibit for their new drug, Repatha, at ESC 2016, at ExCel London.

Working first to design Amgen’s corporate presence, we then turned to adding striking scientific and promotional components to the visitor experience when the drug was given approval, shortly before the show.

In record time, our design and project management team worked closely with the client and their logistics and branding agencies to produce an event environment that put delegates in the environment of the drug itself – a human artery. Visitors were lead through an immersive space that explained how Repatha works in patients, using touch and immersive technology to deliver information to visitors during and for use after the event. Within the promotional space, delegates were invited to a professionally moderated presentation organised by Rapiergroup, which featured a state-of-the-art touch-wall and sound-to light-experience. Combining interactivity and innovation in this way meant Amgen were able to deliver maximum engagement in a small exhibit space – driving up visitor numbers and awareness as a result.


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