Covid 19: the students and local residents uniting to support charities

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In our last post we considered some of the big businesses turning their processes and production lines around to help in the fight against Covid-19. 

Individuals are making a positive impact too. And their contributions are no less inspiring – perhaps even more so. 

There are plenty of examples up and down the country of the action people are taking to contribute positively to their community at this time. One story that caught our eye was how University of Bath students are teaming with local residents to support Bath’s 3rd Sector Group (3SG)

3SG is a network of charities which is currently focused on providing help to those in need during the Covid-19 lockdown; it has been inundated with offers of help. Students and other individuals are offering to leave the safety of their homes, and potentially risk their own health, to support others.


Many people do not want to just ‘sit out’ this pandemic and wait and see what happens. They want to be active in a constructive way, helping in the way they can to make a difference. 

The resilience and purpose that so many have at this time to make a positive contribution is heartening, and a cause for real joy.

To all those looking for ways to help at this time, we salute you!

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