Communities v Covid 19

Communities vs Covid 19

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More than 200 ‘mutual aid’ groups have sprung up across the UK to support those suffering from the effects and threat of the coronavirus outbreak.

The groups, which are being coordinated nationally by Covid-19 Mutual Aid UK, are offering practical support and telephone calls with people who must self-isolate.

The speed with which volunteers have organised themselves to create these groups, and an overarching, coordinating body, is breathtaking. It’s worth reminding ourselves that only a few months ago, few people had even heard of Covid-19. 

Covid-19 Mutual Aid is yet another positive example of how much people can achieve by teaming together, supporting one another and, importantly, taking action. 

Perhaps one of the most stressful impacts of this pandemic has been the sense of losing control, including many of the most basic freedoms we have all come to take for granted. 

By taking action, being positive and stepping up to help others, people are seizing back some of that sense of control, and helping to shape a better future. 

Inspirational times indeed!  

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